Malaysian Dining Culture: Eat In and Dine Out Malaysian Style

Since you landed on this page, we assume you are going to savour Malaysian food any time soon. You have got a dinner invitation from a Malaysian family or maybe you’re going to dine out at a traditional yet sophisticated Malaysian restaurant for the first time.

Whatever be the reason, knowing basic Malaysian dining etiquettes can help you create a pleasant experience while giving you an insight into authentic Malaysian food culture.


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How to Handle the Rich Diversity of Malaysian Cuisine Like a Gourmet

Malaysian food has always been the ultimate hero of Asian cuisines. The diverse range, not to mention, is pure gold.

From the national dish Nasi Lemak to acquired delicacy Roti Canai, Malaysian cuisine bursts with rich influences of Indian, Chinese and Malay food culture.

However, the mind-boggling diversity often gets people, especially those indulging in Malaysian foo for the first time, overwhelmed.

And therefore, to make the act of eating Malaysian food more enjoyable and satisfying we have pulled together some easy tips.


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Foodie’ Corner: How to Best Enjoy the Hawker Food

Admit it or not, almost everyone has a bit of crave for street food.

Who wouldn’t covet fresh fritter cooked in right in front of your, coming straight into your hand?

Eating street food is a common culinary pleasure all over the world and Malaysia seems to be the king of the street food culture.

Hawker food, what they call it in Malaysia, is the absolute favourite amongst Malaysians. What’s more, the significant influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines has made hawker food quite popular in foreign countries too.

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3 Malaysian Foods Sydney (Being a Non-Malaysian State) Still Does Justice to

For those born and bred in Malaysia, there’s nothing that can ever be compared to luscious Malaysian food. The gastronomical love for Malaysian cuisine which boasts incredible influences of incredible mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes is just undying for any Malaysian.

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3 Malaysian Dishes You Can’t Miss Out On When On Your Malaysian Trip

Malaysian food gets a lot of hype for its rich flavours, palate and not to mention varieties. The exotic amalgamation of Malay, Indian and Chinese that includes diverse culinary traditions is what makes Malaysians intensely passionate about their cuisine.

However, the extreme food varieties bring to the table so many options that it can be challenging for any epicure to decide what to eat. So, we have rounded up our top picks for Malaysian food, you’ve got try when in Malaysia.

Roti Canai


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