Foodie’ Corner: How to Best Enjoy the Hawker Food

Admit it or not, almost everyone has a bit of crave for street food.

Who wouldn’t covet fresh fritter cooked in right in front of your, coming straight into your hand?

Eating street food is a common culinary pleasure all over the world and Malaysia seems to be the king of the street food culture.

Hawker food, what they call it in Malaysia, is the absolute favourite amongst Malaysians. What’s more, the significant influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines has made hawker food quite popular in foreign countries too.

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3 Malaysian Desserts that Will Change Your Dessert Choice Forever

When it comes to desserts, Malaysians cannot be easily impressed.
Well, given the delightful dessert choices in Malaysian cuisine, they can’t be blamed for their discerning tastes and gastronomical interests.
Narrowing down the eclectic list of Malaysian desserts, we bring the three best picks that are a must try for any gastronome, whether Malaysian or not.


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Experience the Vibrant and Diverse Flavors of Malaysia at Mamak

Everything in Malaysia revolves around sumptuous food, it is the place where your gastronomic adventure begins. Here, you not only get to experience the authentic Malayan food, but you will get a slight essence of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian food.

The food here tantalizes your taste buds and makes you crave for its unavoidable essence. The Malayan streets are the place where you can enjoy well-cooked, authentic food over a conversation with friends and family. The food fusion in South-East Asia has made these delicious meals even more tempting, from Indian curries to Chinese soups and Persian breads here you will find the best dishes to pamper your taste buds.


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3 Malaysian Foods Sydney (Being a Non-Malaysian State) Still Does Justice to

For those born and bred in Malaysia, there’s nothing that can ever be compared to luscious Malaysian food. The gastronomical love for Malaysian cuisine which boasts incredible influences of incredible mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes is just undying for any Malaysian.

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Rojak; From an Everyday Salad to a Prerequisite Malaysian Main Course

Malaysia has a reputation for being a country of passionate gastronomes and of course, a rich cuisine that encompasses an eclectic variety of culinary traditions and cultures.

From the localities’ favourite Asam laksa to the flavoursome char kway teow, to the mouth-watering mid-day snack lor bak and stodgy Mee Goreng, Malaysians have their fair share of street foods. For that matter, a beloved street food staple that deserves a definite mention here is Rojak.


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