The Real Food Love: A Quick Guide to Malaysian Drinks

The venerated Mamak culture is as much about its drinks as about its rich snacks and main course. Just like unparalleled influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes, Malaysian drinks are just so amazing that you will never leave a Mamak restaurant without getting one with your meal.


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Teh Tarik: A glass from the kitchen to the table

Teh Tarik is a popular beverage most commonly ordered at a Mamak Malaysian hawker street stall.  Teh Tarik also known as ‘pulling tea’ or “pulled tea” is the drink’s name in Malay and the reference to how it is made.

1909384_1246098522072202_6510159600196901105_oThe Tarik is famous for its technique of cooling a brew of hot tea and milk and is performed by the process of adding evaporated and condensed milk to hot boiling water. One the water has boiled; the pouring and “pulling” of the tea is transferred into a tin mug and strained to and from a mug. The tea is then poured from a height of about a metre into another mug. This process of “pulling” the tea is repeated a number of times until a layer of thick froth forms over the drink before it is served. The tea should preferably be “pulled” longer than an arm’s length. The “pulling” process cools the tea and enhances its flavour. When served, glass cups or mugs are used so that customers can see and appreciate the display of showmanship and tradition displayed as well as, enjoy the perfect mixture.

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