How to Handle the Rich Diversity of Malaysian Cuisine Like a Gourmet

Malaysian food has always been the ultimate hero of Asian cuisines. The diverse range, not to mention, is pure gold.

From the national dish Nasi Lemak to acquired delicacy Roti Canai, Malaysian cuisine bursts with rich influences of Indian, Chinese and Malay food culture.

However, the mind-boggling diversity often gets people, especially those indulging in Malaysian foo for the first time, overwhelmed.

And therefore, to make the act of eating Malaysian food more enjoyable and satisfying we have pulled together some easy tips.


These recommendations will help you not only deal with the wide variety like a pro but make a positive experience while savouring the food.

  • Decide “what you want to eat” before your get started

Even if you are presented with an all-you-can-eat buffet and you are too excited to savour every single thing on the spread, you don’t want to really eat it all. Or maybe, you can’t, practically.

So, it would be a good idea to have a look on the spread first and see what you want or can manage to eat without throwing up eventually. You might miss out on a few mouth-watering options this way but are sure to feel satisfied when done.

  • Mix it up

Too many options may be overwhelming but probably not when you know how to balance your meal.

No matter how tempted you’re to eat the same dishes you have had a great experience with, you have to give new dishes a try. Order a plate of Hokkien Mee with Mee Goreng, a spicy Indian curry with regular Roti Canai or Kuih Muih with Ice Kacang.

When you bring different options that you haven’t tried before with your regular ones, you are more likely to drive both satisfaction and pleasure.

In addition to these tips, your choice of restaurant largely affect your dining experience. Mamak Malaysian Roti and Satay, an award-winning restaurant in Sidney, is a perfect place to visit if you’re into Malaysian food or going to eat Malaysian food for the first time.


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