Foodie’ Corner: How to Best Enjoy the Hawker Food

Admit it or not, almost everyone has a bit of crave for street food.

Who wouldn’t covet fresh fritter cooked in right in front of your, coming straight into your hand?

Eating street food is a common culinary pleasure all over the world and Malaysia seems to be the king of the street food culture.

Hawker food, what they call it in Malaysia, is the absolute favourite amongst Malaysians. What’s more, the significant influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines has made hawker food quite popular in foreign countries too.

Though the food on hawker stalls is usually delicious, eating street food come with its own risks. Just to help you make sure you don’t fall sick after savouring street food and it remains a memorable culinary experience to savour hawker food, we have three tips for you to heed.

Pick Hot, Avoid Cold

While it is natural to find hot food at hawker stalls, it is advisable to eat street food at proper temperature in order to prevent any kind of sickness.
With dishes served cold, you can’t be sure about the time they were cooked. The food you watch getting cooked in front of you is more likely to be safe to eat.

Be cautious about tap water

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be drinking tap water on hawker streets and rather stick to bottled water.
Also, watch out for ice and cold drinks that include ice as some vendors might make ice on their own with tap water. It’s a good idea to ask the vendor beforehand about the same.

Go for cooked-to-order

When eating out, it always helps to eat where the food is cooked to order.
You can never know when actually the food was cooked and how long it’s been sitting there. Vendors that don’t have too much food prepared on hand and generally serve hot and fresh are relatively reliable.

An upset stomach resulting from street food isn’t going to take your life but it is only helpful to reduce the chances of such risks in the first place.

In addition to these tips, give Mamak Malaysian Roti and Satay in Sydney a visit if you’re craving Malaysian hawker food and you’re sure to return with an unforgettable experience.

Mamak restaurant offers a wide range of hawker dishes and Malaysian delicacies that not only taste delicious but also exude the authentic Malaysian food culture.


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