The Real Food Love: A Quick Guide to Malaysian Drinks

The venerated Mamak culture is as much about its drinks as about its rich snacks and main course. Just like unparalleled influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes, Malaysian drinks are just so amazing that you will never leave a Mamak restaurant without getting one with your meal.


Here a quick guide for every novice intending to enjoy Malaysian drinks for the first time:

Teh “O”: O is for black, tea without milk + sugar
Teh “C”: C is for carnation milk, tea with evaporated milk
Teh: Hot tea + condensed milk + sugar
Kopi: Hot coffee with condensed milk and sugar

The variations of tea and coffee are as follows:

Peng: tea/coffee with ice
Po: thin, means lighter in taste
Gau: thick, heavier in taste
Kosong: blank, without sugar

Think this is pretty much you should know to be able to order a cup of tea or coffee at a Mamak restaurant? Have fun combining the terms to customise your drinks and enhance your experience.

Kopi-C Kosong – Coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar
Kopi- O Kosong – Coffee without milk or sugar
Kopi-O Peng – Black iced coffee with sugar
Teh-O Tarik– Pulled hot black tea with sugar
Teh-C Peng Kosong – Iced tea with evaporated milk and no sugar

Common drinks you can enjoy without a Malaysian meal:

Teh Tarik
Feeling tired? A cup of strong, brisk and foamy milk tea is perfect to restore your energy and get back to your dynamic self. More than just a common drink, Teh Tarik is almost a culture in Malaysia.

Teh C Peng
This is another popular drink you can spot around in local restaurants and bars. Teh C Peng is a 3-layered drink comprising palm sugar at the bottom layer of the glass topped by crashed ice, then a good amount of evaporated milk and finally the brewed tea.

Milo Dinosaur
Milo is usually a beverage prepared by mixing chocolate powder in hot water or milk. So, what’s special about his dinosaur version? The sweet amalgamation of chocolate powder, hot water and condensed milk is enriched with a spoonful of Milo granules giving the drink an extra punch of flavor and sweetness.

Now that you have all the specifics at your fingertips, it’s time to let yourself in the best Malaysian cuisine-oriented restaurant in Sydney, Mamak Malaysian Roti and Satay and create an unforgettable experience savoring Malaysian drinks.


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