3 Malaysian Desserts that Will Change Your Dessert Choice Forever

When it comes to desserts, Malaysians cannot be easily impressed.
Well, given the delightful dessert choices in Malaysian cuisine, they can’t be blamed for their discerning tastes and gastronomical interests.
Narrowing down the eclectic list of Malaysian desserts, we bring the three best picks that are a must try for any gastronome, whether Malaysian or not.


  • Cendol

If you miss Cendol when you’re discussing Malaysian desserts, you probably aren’t talking about Malaysian desserts. Mention Cendol and the hearts of Malaysians are all mesmerised and captured.

Typically originated from South East Asia, the mushy cold dessert is not just the city’s traditional sweet course but one of its favourite heat busters. Cendol is made out of a terrific mix of squiggly worms, palm sugar, coconut milk, shaved ice and dark brown syrup which creates a heavenly balance of flavour and texture.

  • Ais Kacang

Nothing soothes your sweet cravings while beating the heat of a summer day better than a bowl of finely shaved ice forming a mountain of fudge drenched in colourful syrup and copious amount of toppings.

There are sure many ways to describe Ais Kacang, also known as ABC, as a dessert, but the perfect blend of ingredients like Gula Melaka, roasted, peanuts, grass jelly and creamed corn can only be defined with a single word “unparalleled”.

Moreover, modern versions of the sweet concoction may include smatterings of fresh fruits and ice cream only to enhance the flavour and appearance.

  • Sweet Roti Canai

Fluffy and crispy hand-tossed flatbread made out of flour, ghee, egg whites and condensed milk is what Roti Canai is usually described as. No wonder, this is one of the most popular hawker delicacies in Malaysia and a gastronomical obsession for many.

Best served with ice cream, banana slices and chocolate syrup, Roti Canai is an ideal dessert to please your sweet tooth after a heavy main course.

So, this is it. Remember that these were only three popular Malaysian desserts to indulge in and there are many other sweet confections to explore if you’re a true gourmet.

Moreover, to savour the best in town while making a pleasing eating experience, especially if you intend to eat these desserts for the first time, there couldn’t be a better place than Mamak Restaurant.


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