Maggi Goreng: Try at a Mamak Restaurant or Eat as a Homemade Dish?

If you’re a dedicated gastronome much into Malaysian food, Mee Goreng would definitely not be an unfamiliar name.

But for those who haven’t heard of this dish ever before (which should not be a possibility generally if you call yourself a Malay food lover), you got to try this amazing instant noodle treat now.

Mee goreng, what might look like a plain noodle variation in general, is actually a much celebrated Hawker dish made of fried instant noodles and simple ingredients that make it interesting.

While many people think mee goreng is an easy, quick recipe to make and enjoy at home itself, we would here tell you why exactly you should be resist the temptation to eat homemade mee goeng and savour the dish at a good Mamak restaurant.

The ingredients


The typical recipe of mee goreng contains maggi mee (instant noodles), tofu puffs, choy sum, egg and tomato wedges as ingredients.

Now when cooking at home, it is natural to feel the urge to experiment with a couple of alien ingredients just to add an extra pinch of flavour, which is a good idea unless it takes away the authentic taste of the dish.

A Mamak restaurant, on the other hand, might be a bit innovative with their cooking technique or ingredients but would certainly keep the essence of the dish intact.

Served with the right companion


Maggi goreng is incomplete without a tangy sensation which comes from the thick tomato sauce the instant noodle is mixed with.

Not only do hard core Mamak restaurants serve mee goreng bedded in a spicy mixture of tomato sauce and chilli paste but offer a hint of extraordinary scent and texture with cuttlefish and slices of onion and shallot.

To Summarise

It sure might seem like a convenient idea to prepare the fried instant noodles at the comfort of your home but we suggest you to savour the dish at Mamak Restaurant.
The restaurant offers just the best mee goreng in the city along with many other delicious Malaysian delicacies.


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