Satay: The Culinary Temptation of Grilled Meat

Finely grilled and seasoned meat pierced onto pencil-thin skewers that is sheer heaven when dipped in spicy peanut sauce.

There are countless interesting ways people who have ever savoured Satay would describe it, although they’re spellbound at the very moment.

But there’s much more to Satay than just the grilled meat that every gastronome, particularly those who are yet to indulge in the heavenly treat, should know.

The Origin?


Although Thailand claims to have invented Satay first, the widely-believed origin is Java, Indonesia, where a Javanese street food vendor inspired by the Middle-Eastern kebabs first introduced the skewed meat.

Back then, Arab traders would bring in meats to Indonesia that they cook on their swords or metal skewers. Indonesians soon adopted this culinary technique while using coconut palm fronds instead of the swords.

While the real origin of Satay remains sketchy, it has become a popular snack in South-eastern Asian with Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand having their own versions of Satay and recipes.

An Indispensable Companion: The Peanut Sauce


Peanut sauce in not just another relish usually served with Satay. It is what makes “Satay” more than simple grilled, skewered chicken.

In most Malaysian Satay recipes, the sweet and spicy peanut sauce is accompanied by a portion of fried chilli paste making the entire snack scrumptious and flavourful.

Satay as a Global Choice


As mentioned above, Satay doesn’t have an evident origin but is widely savoured in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

However, the unusual culinary cooking technique and creative presentation of meat in skewers have made Satay a much-loved meat snack across the globe. Go anywhere across the globe, you’re certain to discover a different variation of the Satay.

Moreover, if you’re anywhere around Sydney, Mamak Restaurant is the place you would want to visit to have the best Satay in the city.

Mamak Restaurant offers authentic Malaysian flavoured Satay along with traditional sweet and spicy peanut sauce that will just make your day.


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