Experience the Vibrant and Diverse Flavors of Malaysia at Mamak

Everything in Malaysia revolves around sumptuous food, it is the place where your gastronomic adventure begins. Here, you not only get to experience the authentic Malayan food, but you will get a slight essence of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian food.

The food here tantalizes your taste buds and makes you crave for its unavoidable essence. The Malayan streets are the place where you can enjoy well-cooked, authentic food over a conversation with friends and family. The food fusion in South-East Asia has made these delicious meals even more tempting, from Indian curries to Chinese soups and Persian breads here you will find the best dishes to pamper your taste buds.


Here at Mamak, we have maintained the street-food traditions of Malaysia to let you experience the true essence of Malaysia. Usually, the authenticity and original taste of the food gets compromised as it moves out of the country. However, making use of the right spices and ingredients, we have made our reputation first and foremost on delicious food whilst keeping the quality standards high.

Malaysian Satay with Roti- Our most talked about food


Homemade satay sauce leaves the stuff you get at most Thai takeaways standing: We make fresh Satay and Roti (a kind of Indian bread) right in front of your eyes. When you are in the mamak restautant, you are able to smell the aroma of fresh herbs and barbequed Satay being prepared.

Here you get to choose your own preference, be it beef or chicken. We serve Satay with freshly prepared peanut-based dip which is more like nutty, aromatic and intoxicating chutney. Whereas, the Satays are crisp-skinned barbecued chicken needled with wooden sticks.


It comes with different marinades which can be coconut based with an essence of lemongrass or a chilly based marinate with sour and spicy taste. We also make sure to maintain the spice level as per your tolerance whilst maintaining the authenticity of the Satay. It is served with a traditional red curry paste along with roti and salad, the chicken gets imbued with lovely perfumed freshness of the herbs and Malayan spices.

Visit Mamak Restaurant with your friends and family and experience the culinary delights we have to offer.

Bon Appétit!


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