What’s Malaysian Cuisine without Malaysian Roti?

One cannot go without mentioning Malaysian roti when it comes to authentic Malaysian cuisine.
Amongst a striking variety of Chinese, Indian and Malay-influenced foods offered as traditional Malaysian grub, Roti Canai remains the unbeatable king.


Ideally, Malaysian roti is an Indian-influenced flatbread with a Western pancake-like appearance, which carries a soft and fluffy texture on the inside and flaky and crispy on the outside.
While the original simple roti remains a favourite among the gastronomes, we have pulled together a few other popular varieties and fusions that seem to be equally loved by people who are into Malaysian cuisines.

Roti Telur

How about beaten eggs in your basic roti? The flaky pancake stuffed with a delicious mix of fried eggs, red onion and a dash of green chilli is a perfect quick bite for a heavy workout or strenuous activity.
In addition, roti telur bawang is a tweaked version of roti telur with onion you must try if you wish to treat your taste buds to some extra flavour.

Roti Planta

A favourite amongst children and sweet-toothed adults, Roti planta is a large square-shaped bread that is bloated with margarine, sugar and occasionally kaya and given a light yet flaky texture.

Roti Bawang
This is similar to original roti canai only with a twist of onions for a little extra zing. Roti bawang is usually served with two different curry dips and sambal chilli sauce to add a spicy and tangy flavour to your meal.

Roti Pisang

A much-loved sweet treat with a contemporary trace is roti pisang, which leaves your taste buds completely satisfied.
With small slices of banana stuffed in between soft layers of roti, this delicacy is best savoured with condensed milk or sugar but do just as well with spicy curry.

The Takeway
Roti canai along with other modern versions mentioned above are a must-try for those ready to go beyond traditional delicacies and savour the amalgamated varieties without missing the authentic palate of Malaysian flavours.

To make a truly incomparable eating experience, visit Mamak Restaurant, located in Chinatown Sydney, where you can find a myriad of delicious Malaysian-centric food options at affordable prices.


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