3 Malaysian Foods Sydney (Being a Non-Malaysian State) Still Does Justice to

For those born and bred in Malaysia, there’s nothing that can ever be compared to luscious Malaysian food. The gastronomical love for Malaysian cuisine which boasts incredible influences of incredible mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes is just undying for any Malaysian.

But what if you crave Malaysian hawker food like anything while sitting miles away from Malaysia?

Well, we can’t say about other places but if you’re in Sydney, you still can get the best of Malaysian food.

Laksa, satay, lemak and many other mouth-watering dishes primarily cooked and offered in Malaysia can be found gracefully dignifying the menus of several restaurants in Sydney.

Let’s glance at some must-try Malaysian specialities you can manage to get in Sydney, which definitely live up to authentic Malaysian palate.


A small ball of soupy and noodly goodness often twisted with spicy chunks of chicken is a perfect thing to start with when you’re out to soothe your Malaysian food cravings. A variety of laksa is offered in many Malaysian-based restaurants in Sydney that sure provide Laksa enthusiasts good value for money.


Who would have thought spicy grilled meat skewered in stick commonly eaten in Malaysia could be savoured in Sydney too and that too in a form as rich and authentic as in its original land.

You may not find this appetising BBQ chicken pleasure in every street of Sydney as in Malaysia but we bet the few Sydney restaurants that serve Satay won’t have you leaving unsatisfied or regretful.

Nasi Lemak

Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak is surprisingly loved by not only Malaysian gastronomes in Sydney but also the localities who have never been to Malaysia.

White rice soaked in flavourful coconut cream savoured with a hot sauce (sambal), deep fried peanuts, cucumber slices and hard boiled eggs make for a perfect Malaysian treat in a non-Malaysian state.


These were only three common dishes we told you about and you would be glad to know that Sydney has a lot more of Malaysian foods to offer.

Just to cut down on your wandering and internet research, Mamak Restaurant situated in the heart of Sydney is a restaurant that is popular for its scrumptious Malaysian offerings and you can certainly crash into to satisfy your taste buds and yearnings.


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