Mamak Malaysian stalls are a hit amongst the locals and tourists

When travelling to Malaysia, one cannot simply visit without first hitting the streets of Malaysia and popping into a Mamak stall. Mamak stalls are famous in Malaysia for their location as many choose to set up on narrow, hidden and corner streets. They are well known for their casual and informal dining, more commonly known as a café. Mamak Malaysian stalls are renown for their authentic, traditional, bold and authentic flavours. Each Mamak Malaysian stall has its own personality and are popular among the locals for their specialty dishes or beverages that are available on offer. Mamak Malaysian stalls serve a variety of delicacies such as the famous roti canai, satay, nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice, murtabak, mee goreng, the tarik and rojak to name a few.


Customers come in to dine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as, supper with a vast amount of Mamak stalls open until past midnight. Mamak Malaysian stalls are open 7 days, 24 hours a week. New and existing customers can enjoy and sample the Chinese, Indian and Malay flavours of Malaysian cuisine in every location and at any time of the hour. This is a highlight for tourists who come and visit Malaysia on holiday as this is rare in many Western countries.

It is no wonder that Mamak stalls are a hit amongst the locals and tourists. The hustle and bustle of the fast-moving and efficient service, tasty and delicious food, attracts customers near and far. Many visitors enjoy the competition between the Mamak Malaysian street food stallholders as they walk around searching for new customers to come visit their stall by holding menus ready to take their order. These Mamak Malaysian street food stallholders are quick on their feet and manage the incoming orders well by shouting out menu items and delivering food as quick as when it was ordered.


Mamak Malaysian street food stalls are generally wide and open spaced, similar to a food court, but mainly situated outdoors in the varying degrees of heat. The décor is surrounded by numerous large round tables and accompanied by plastic chairs. The appearance is simple and convenient for customers to dine in whenever and whatever time of day they choose. Casual clothing is a must and formal attire is not required. The Mamak Malaysian street food stalls are designed for ease of maintenance and represent a culture that delights in generations of family members eating food and beverages together and enjoying one another’s company. Not only do they take great pride and joy in serving up the best dishes Malaysia has to offer; however, their simple approach and focus on people eating happily in the company of family, relatives, friends and work colleagues is what keeps bringing the locals and tourists back from around the world!


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