Facts about Malaysian Cuisine That Will Instantly Turn You into a Gastronome (If You Aren’t Already)

Malaysians are notorious for their food and eating obsession.


Well, they can’t be blamed. The magic of authentic flavours produced by rich spices can make anyone (whether a Malaysian or not) instantly fall in love with Malaysian dishes.

With an incredible mix of Indian, Chinese and Malay cooking influences, Malaysian cuisine has no wonder gained worldwide recognition.

If you’re going to taste Malaysian food anytime soon, here are some crave-stimulating facts you should definitely know about the cuisine.

  • Malaysian cuisine offers an overwhelming range of choices that are available if you’re ready to be a patient connoisseur. Hokkien mee, Chinese-style thick yellow noodles to nasi lamak, creamy coconut rice wrapped in a banana leaf with cucumber slice, hard-boiled egg, dried anchovies, roasted peanuts and hot spice sauce. Your food options are endless but appetising. In addition, a variety of curries along with other side dishes like fish roe, fried squid and cubed beef will complement the whole meal.


  • Meat, chicken, fish, beef and lamb are a staple food. From satay, spicy meats served on sticks, to conventional ayam goreng, crispy fried chicken marinated with turmeric and coriander, you can’t help but want more of the meat-based dishes when eating. Not to mention, soft, buttery roti canai, roti telur and roti planta are the best companions your dishes can have.


  • Coconut milk (santan), belacan (shrimp paste) and sweet soy sauce and soybean paste serve as requisite ingredients in most of the dishes. While coconut is used to add sweet and gritty texture, belacan simply enhances the flavour and aroma. Soybean paste helps achieve the beany taste with nubby texture and soy sauce add a sweet-pungent flavour to the dishes.


  • A passion and love for Malaysian food isn’t just limited to roasted chicken, curries, rice and noodles. It goes beyond oily, fiery delicacies to where sugary pleasures soothe your heart and soul. While both vegan and non-vegans have scrumptious food varieties, dessert lovers have their pretty share of sweet delights they can treat their tastebuds to. Your meal isn’t complete without ais kacang, a chilling amalgamation of shaved ice, red beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, rose-syrup and sweetened milk.


Isn’t your mouth watering already after reading these specifics? You would be certain about these facts and the authentic palate of Malaysian food, which is worth craving for, once you dine at Mamak Malaysian Restaurant in Australia.

The experience of the restaurant is nothing less than savouring street food at the roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur.

So, go ahead! Let your tastebuds enjoy the best.


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